Meet Miss Grace {6 months}

When I began my photography career, I knew right from the start that I wanted to specialise in Newborn Portraiture. It's where my passion for photography has always been - cute, innocent, squishy little bubba's. Recently I have had more & more clients ask if I would please branch out to include maternity shoots and baby's first year milestone sessions, but I just wasn't sure if I would.

Until Miss Grace entered my studio..

Although I LOVE my newborns, and they will always be my first love in my business, I absolutely ADORED having a 6 month old little darling in my studio - and will definitely include baby's first 12 months into 'haylie D photography' from now on!!

To see & capture the personality that these precious little babies have developed over their first six months was above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Grace was a ball of smiles, giggles and had eyes wide with wonderment at the colours & environment in the studio around her. One simple hour with her left me smiling and awakened for the rest of my day, and if one baby girl can make me feel like that after 60 mins then I was ready to book my next 6 month client in right away!!!! She was such a good little girl, nailing her poses and prop changes within minutes! A pure natural if I've ever seen one..

A huge thank you to Gracie Lou's Mum, Amanda, for bringing her in for the day! And an even bigger thank you to Grace herself for lighting a brand new passion inside me that I hope to share with all of you guys in time to come... 

Oh, and just between you & me - watch this space soon for maternity shoots too!!

Enjoy Grace's gallery and see for yourself how much I fell in love with this little girl's beautiful personality and absolutely gorgeous features xx