Meet Janaya + 1 {34 weeks}

Once and a while a special person comes into your life for just the right reason - for me, it was the gorgeous Miss Janaya..

I was fortunate enough to photograph Janaya's gorgeous nephew Cruze a few months ago {see Cruze's gallery here}. Not long after, I received an email from Janaya informing me that she was pregnant herself and she would like to book in for a newborn session in January once her little bundle arrived. Of course she could, it would be my pleasure!

During the same email she proceeded to ask me if I did Maternity shoots. I sadly informed her that I did not and that newborns were really my forte' and she was fine with that, however after a few more emails and correspondence back & forth about her upcoming newborn shoot she asked a few more times if I would please consider doing her maternity shots as she was a big fan of my work {Omg - thank you Janaya!! I have a fan!! Lol}.

I had been pondering the thought of including Maternity in my business, I just had to jump the first hurdle of feeling confident enough to portray on screen what I envisioned in my mind - would I have the talent & confidence to do it?!? Janaya was willing to be my first Maternity client and trust in me to deliver an end result that we were both ecstatic with. Seriously, she is absolutely stunning and made my job SUPER easy!!

I can't thank her enough for allowing me to broaden my artistic talents and expand my business by now confidently offering Maternity sessions to my future clients - THANK YOU, JAY!!! xxxxx

PS - Watch this space for Birth and Newborn sessions of this gorgeous bump! xx