Meet Baby Elsie - 8 days {Gold Coast Newborn Photographer}

Oh my goodness - this was one of my favourite sessions to date that I have ever had! Jared and Melissa contacted me to book a newborn session while still pregnant, and informed me that their first born baby girl, now 3yrs old, would be coming along for photos too. What they DIDN'T inform me of was just how absolutely STUNNING their babies were!!!! In fact, the entire family was just breathtakingly beautiful - and I was the super lucky one that got to capture their latest little miracle joining the clan.

Big Sister Daisy May stole my heart by calling me 'Haylie D' the entire time (in fact, when they popped back just last week for some more prints she greeted me with a big "Hello Haylie D!" at the door!! I die from cuteness!!!) and new baby girl Elsie Rose just rocked her shoot like a star. One image I captured of the two of them together has since become my most popular image seen worldwide, and one I am most proud of in my career xx